Amalgam Galleries

Amalgam Galleries is an arts-based community hub that focuses on artists as well as introducing the community to local artists and their work. It is Designed to become a catalyst for the burgeoning arts community to form. Amalgam consists of two galleries, an open studio, private studios, cafe, and artists residences. Through this setup, the goal is to bring artists and the community together and give them a platform to promote and engage in the arts. Amalgam originated from the desire to combine the traditional architecture of the post office with modern elements of materiality and form. The main idea was heavily influenced by the concept of shelter. Weather conditions in Hespeler can be very harsh and thus an extension was designed to wrap like a shell around the existing post office building, protecting it from the elements. A unique feature of Amalgam is the central atrium that passes through all floors. The atrium allows light to reach each floor passing through a skylight. The atrium also allows for a direct view to the studio from the main and second floor as well as a view to the sky.


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