This project was created with influence from Islamic architectural patterning. From the pattern, the modeling began with tracing the lines. From the lines, a square module was formed. From this line module, a 3d version was formed, with two variations. From these two modules, a pattern was created with the openings strategically placed. This pattern was again formed into a square module so that it could be aggregated easily. This larger module made of 3×3 smaller modules was then arrayed into a large pattern. The pavilion itself was inspired by the Beijing Olympics bird’s nest stadium. To create it, lines we created around the base area as well as where the top of the pavilion would be. From the lines it was then lofted to create a surface. On this surface, the arrayed pattern was aggregated. The final pavilion has openings to the outside surface as well as the different level pattern facing the interior. The pavilion is located in a forest clearing or “glade”. The location is in the Rocky Mountains. The pavilion is used as a retreat and shelter for hikers and animals alike.


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