Leaf Technologies

This Project has won the Steelcase Sustainable Design Award 2016

“It’s like Amazon for Plants!” Leaf Technologies, located in Toronto Ontario, has become one of the most respected mail-order nurseries in Canada. Sustainability and earth-friendly practices have always been a part of our company. It has been our experience over the past century— and science consistently confirms—that doing things in the most eco-friendly way is ultimately the most efficient way, and therefore the most cost-effective way. Leaf Technologies is an online marketplace where small businesses from around the world are able to sell their plants. Online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where products are offered by third party companies/individuals and transactions are processed by the market operator (Leaf Technologies). The user interface, user experience, organization and accessibility to the product is crucial to attract customers to the websites. As a digital marketplace, Leaf Technologies has an online platform consisting of a webpage and mobile apps, both compatible over a range of devices.


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