Shaw Environmental Research Centre

At the Calgary Zoo, our researchers conduct groundbreaking scientific research every day. This research is very important to the well-being of many animals here in Canada as well as abroad. But we asked ourselves, how many of our patrons really know what we’re doing? The Shaw Environmental Research Centre at the Calgary zoo brings forward a new approach to research, conservation, and education. The many different spaces at the Shaw Environmental Research Centre, showcase all that the zoo has to offer. In the research labs, scientists are helping endangered animals once again thrive in their natural environment. Here we focus on species recovery and are recognized as a North American leader in the science of species reintroduction. Currently, the zoo is researching black-tailed prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets, swift foxes, northern leopard frogs, Vancouver island marmots, whooping cranes, and burrowing owls. To understand how we do our research and how it works, we took a hands-on approach. Zoo patrons are easily able to see into the research labs, engage in lectures from our zoologists and others, as well as have the opportunity to learn in our special classroom environments here at the Shaw Environmental Research Centre. We know that today the education about the conservation of our species as well as many other animals is more important than ever. Moving forward, it is important to share how our advancements are being made and to show the next generation how they can be a part of our research and conservation initiatives. We work to help our planet not only in saving animals but also trying to do our part in saving the planet. The Shaw Environmental Research Centre is a LEED Platinum building with a geothermal energy system, green roofs and corten steel panels to shade from the sun and insulate in the winter. Our building is designed to showcase not only the conservation that we do, but also how our built environment can reflect this. With continued funding from our partners and patrons, we hope to be able to expand our research and help many more animals in the future. Shaw Communications along with the Calgary Zoo have partnered together to give our community a real sense of what conservation means.



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