Lucid Models

House Model @ 1:100  and Tectonic Model @ 1:20


Cité: Light Modulator

The concept behind Cité is to fully transform a space through the use of light modulation. The very linear forms create a modern feeling, similar to that of skyscrapers. This linear form as ceiling panels can transform a flat ceiling into something sculptural. Although the forms are linear, when put together they create fluid movement across the space. The same could be said about a real city; linear forms such as high-rise buildings, create fluidity throughout the city where other movements such as a river or the flow of people change the atmosphere. Through the use of both open and closed acrylic tubes, the light is displayed differently throughout the space. As well, proximity to natural light will also effect the way that the light is displayed. These ceiling panels are meant to make a statement and become a piece of social intrigue. The proposed location is in commercial buildings such as hotel lobbies or business reception areas. Cité becomes not only a light modulator but also an installation art piece.

DSC_0828 DSC_0829 DSC_0832 DSC_0844

This project was chosen to be in the year end show as well as to be kept for the school review by CIDA.